ALBUM: The Bunny The Bear – The Way We Rust

Release Date: March 17th 2017
Label: Needful Things Records


After a few rather notable changes behind-the-scenes, having parted ways with Victory Records and now former co-vocalist Haley Roback, New York’s The Bunny The Bear have returned after a two year gap between records (the longest in their career so far) with ‘The Way We Rust’. Their seventh studio album impresses in its cohesive, varied style, and is well worth a listen.

Like a jolt of teenage angst, ‘The Way We Rust’ typifies the aggression and emotion present in post-hardcore music. There’s a prominent energy on this album, expressed through synthesisers, fast rhythms, and varied vocals.

But, while The Bunny The Bear have created a style that conveys such adolescent angst, they’re certainly not limited to this age range. There’s a maturity on this album, achieved by the experimental blend of different genres; the vocals are a seamless mix between harsh screams and catchy, high-pitched melodies. The influences on singer Matthew Tybor‘s (or, The Bunny) style appear to be drawn from The Amity Affliction, A Day To Remember, and The Used, and are even more cranked up in the hardcore department.

The nature of the vocals isn’t the only experimental feature the band offers on this album. The Bunny The Bear effectively combine hypnotic, hardcore punk double-bass drum beats with synths and aggressive lyrics. ‘Love Lies’ provides a good example of this sonic fusion, and it seems the album’s sound has drawn influences from pop-punk, and post-hardcore bands of the past, with a solid step in the future of rock music.

Melodic moments on the album, such as the beginning of ‘Second Hand Smoke’ again add another element to this album. The fact that such a dynamic range is achieved by this duo is quite remarkable. The melodies in the chorus of ‘Caress’ are perhaps the most memorable, and this is a stand-out on an overall sonically strong and impressive album.

The Bunny The Bear have a fresh and quite unique sound that still has its roots in a merge of different genres. ‘The Way We Rust’ manages to combine these different tones cohesively, meaning this is not at all hard to listen to, and renders this an impressive project from the boys in The Bunny The Bear.

Written by Annie Slinn (@annie7x)