ALBUM: The Bunny The Bear – Stories

Release Date: April 16th, 2013
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


By going under a moniker as absurd as The Bunny The Bear, this New York two-piece have certainly left themselves open to much preconceived venom. Although, suggesting by their name that the band are little more than a lesson in over sweet vocal slush and afterthought metalcore foolishness may save many potential listeners a drudge through ‘Stories’, an album which if inoffensive to some is without doubt a terminal mess.

Plagued by frothy synth melodies and some emaciated faux aggression which is rather laughably shoehorned into the feeble melodic syrup, the record quickly reveals itself to be an utter botch. Tracks such as ‘The Frog’ are all high end warbling and shouty nonsense over a bed of spindly guitars and piano tinkering, coming together in a horrendous din.

Indeed, this formula regrettably is repeated ad nauseum, with lead single ‘In Like Flynn’ benefiting little from an injection of bogus electronica and ‘Your Reasons’ featuring a instrumental refrain which sounds tailor made for one of Disney’s more saccharine productions.

If ever proof was needed that forty three minutes can seem like a lifetime, ‘Stories’ is it. Ludicrously overblown yet displaying little but a series of appallingly executed post-hardcore cliches and nauseating pop hooks, The Bunny The Bear‘s appeal is obviously still strong enough to see them continue to draw crowds, but on this evidence, it’s nigh on impossible to see why.

Written by Tony Bliss