ALBUM: The Audition – Great Danger

Release Date: March 16th, 2010
Label: Victory Records


‘Great Danger’ is the fourth album from this Chicago-based four-piece, and the third that they have released in the past three years. Keen? I think so.

Having never been a huge fan of The Audition, they may have just managed to change my opinion, and trust me, that’s not an easy thing to do. ‘Great Danger’, without a doubt, proves to be the bands strongest album to date, and despite appearing within a year of their ‘Self-Titled Album’, it surprisingly doesn’t sound rushed. Each song is cleverly crafted, Danny Stevens‘ voice is at its best and the band manage to belt out pop tune after radio-friendly pop tune.

For first time listeners it may all seem a little bit scatty, but ‘Great Danger’ certainly shows the band is starting to create some individuality with a bizarre mix of genres. Lead single ‘You Ruined’ is a huge pop anthem, and the acoustic ‘Run Away’ gives you a chance to relax before the band start pounding out the riffs once again. It’s a real mix bag, but I like it. The stand out track for me is ‘The Art Of Living’, which picks up the pace of the album with fast guitar and drum rhythms. It proves the band are finally ready to try new things, adding a slight orchestral touch to it too.

I was a bit disappointed with the albums closing track ‘Final Adventure’, the band making a statement of maturity throughout, which is then concluded with a mediocre Angels & Airwaves-like track, and there’s not very much worse than Angels & Airwaves.

Despite a poor finale, The Audition definitely deserve some recognition for their latest effort. Fans will love it, for newbies it may be a bit of a grower and for those of you expecting to hear the pop-punk sound of their previous albums, you will be very disappointed.

Written by Carly Page