ALBUM: The Apostates – Wide-Eyed & Determined

Release Date: December 10th, 2012
Label: Wolves Of Suburbia Records
Website: None available


Although the UK music scene is bursting with talent right now, it’s not often that a really great new punk rock band is discovered. Although The Apostates formed back in 2006, it’s only now that they have released their debut EP, Wide-Eyed & Determined’. The album name speaks for itself really in that the music produced on the album certainly shows the band are determined.

The 13-track album is packed with inventive lyrics, both melodic and metal riffs and a great balance of heavier and lighter songs. The album’s opening track, ‘Wide-Eyed’ is the shortest track on the album but, despite this, it opens the listener up to something great and is a truly strong intro for the album.

The highlight of the album is definitely ‘Travellers (Don’t Get Many Hugs)’, the chipper song name is a real crowd pleaser and one of the catchier songs on the album. Each song on the album definitely has an individual flair to it and it’s obvious that the band has nurtured each of the songs by themselves. Each riff weaved through the album compliments each of the other instruments harmoniously while staying true to their own style. The Apostates are not a band to be missed.

The last song on the album, ‘You’ve Got To Be Choking’, is the perfect finish to polish off the album. The song itself shows off the different sides that the band has to offer because, despite being melodic and punk, they’ve clearly not stopped there with pulling inspirations. The song also features a short, acoustic hidden track at the end.

The band has been paving their path for six years and has finally broken through with something original and well worth the wait. The Apostates will definitely be back with as much fighting power as they have channeled in to this album.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar