ALBUM: The Algorithm – Octopus4

Release Date: June 2nd, 2014
Label: Basick Records
Website: None available


Nothing quite gets the blood pumping like intense bass lines and a abundance of sharp synthesisers at a hardcore pace. We’re talking about The Algorithm, of course. The French experimental musician, Remi Gallego, is back with a new album in the shape of ‘Octopus4’. And, as usual, it’s filled with an array of eclectic influences with sheer insanity at its core.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about Gallego and his project is the amount of barriers that he tries to break down. Though we are subject to electronic music with The Algorithm, Gallego has always injected intensity into his sound through a mixture of hardcore and metal influences. Doing so, Gallego has managed to market his sound to more than one particular genre.

So, what does ‘Octopus4’ offer? Perhaps the most prominent aspect of this record is the texture which Gallego incorporates into his sound. Though the record portrays Gallego at his most unrelenting and hard to tame, it incorporates a much more layered sound to lay the foundations for The Algorithm‘s strength in intensity.

Gallego also manages the keep the tempo and context of the album interesting. Whether it’s the manic ‘PYTHAGORAS’ or the lengthy yet impressive album title-track, Gallego keeps the interest levels ticking and keeps the listener involved which is laudable. The most fatal flaw for any album in any genre is plunging into the abyss due to tiresome material; The Algorithm has evaded that iceberg naturally.

Granted, this record won’t go down in music history as the most insane pieces of music to ever hit the shelves or internet streams. However, it does serve as a marker for how to produce music with a nuance and energy. Gallego provides a somewhat lesson in creating music in a manageable way and still getting the sound that hits home.

Sure, he isn’t Thom Yorke or Jack White, but Remi Gallego doesn’t need to be. He betters his own craft, as do Yorke and White, to create better results. That’s not to say that simply practising an instrument all day, every day, is going to give you a top ten album one day, of course you need inspiration. For The Algorithm, manic outbursts and creating a pummelling environment is the inspiration.

Remi Gallego has certainly honed his craft and the results are there for all to hear. Whether it’s an outburst of bass or a fist pumping electronic section, ‘Octopus4’ is an admirable piece of material that should inspire musicians of numerous genres. From well crafted layers to fulfilment in sound and intensity, Gallego sets himself as an inspiration for the bettering ones craft.

Written by Calv Robinson (@CalvParty)