ALBUM: The 1975 – The 1975

Release Date: September 2nd, 2013
Label: Polydor Records


The debut full-length release for British alternative rock band The 1975 from Manchester is an album much anticipated for. The question is, was it worth it? Skepticism shows through when you realise the first song is also titled ‘The 1975’, much like the title of the album and, of course, the same name as the band themselves.

The band released ‘Chocolate’ in the early stages of 2013, and is arguably the catchiest song of the year. The song hit its peak in the summer when it was all over the charts, whilst being a hit the song, if you thoroughly listened to it, also had quite a bit of depth; what a breath of fresh air amongst all the cliché pop summer songs, which seemed to be taking over. A few months later, we heard more from the band, who seemed to appear out of nowhere and it turned out that they weren’t just one hit wonders and. They’re giving it all they can to make ‘Chocolate’ not seem like a complete fluke.

Unlike other bands in their genre, you can really sense the ambition within them to try and keep their music going and not to be one of those bands that flops after the first year or so. They’ve also aimed to create an album that speaks to the youth of today and they’ve achieved that on a great scale, even though they have such a nostalgic feeling tune. The album altogether shows a fairly accurate perspective of the current generation in a way that you wouldn’t of thought.

The 1975 might very well be the most important band in pop music right now. Already, The 1975 have been offered supporting spots by big artists, but they’ve felt the need to turn them down because they feel they can achieve the greater things. Not through support slot exposure, but by being themselves, playing their own headline shows when offered and also a variety of festivals. Maybe soon they’ll be asking the artists they turned down to support them in the future.

Written by Lauryn Paige