ALBUM: That’s Outrageous! – Psycho

Release Date: October 18th, 2012
Label: InVogue Records
Website: None available


‘Psycho’ actually starts off pretty well and in a promising fashion. Opening track of the same name is a heavy-as-you-like feast of a track for those who like their breakdowns hard and their clean vocals a bit soppy, quite frankly. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but at least it’s done with some sort of vigour albeit in short fashion. The problem with this album though is that things never really kick on and progress from there. Ultimately, things only get worse.

Every song on the album is done with professionalism, a song like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ might be a big single for the band, but it’s a song done without frills or anything new for the genre. It’d be easy to knock the auto-tuned vocals and distracting electronics, but if you’re buying this record then these are things you’re expecting and possibly lap up.

The underlying niggle is that it’s just an album with no obvious heart or soul; you could just listen to it all the way through and shrug your shoulders out of pure bemusement. The screams are delivered solidly and there’s plenty of irritating clean pop vocals on songs like ‘Obliviate’ which we heard years ago from bands like In Fear And Faith, who also did this sort of thing much better.

It’s on songs like ‘Vyvanse Trance’ and ‘Home Invasion 101’ that the electronics and terrible vocals become way too apparent and verge on parody. The thing to be said about these tracks is that it’s clear this band is having a lot of fun making these tracks, so therefore it’s hard to begrudge them of that, but it doesn’t make them any less puerile. That’s the positive from the album though, That’s Outrageous! do seem to be having a whale of a time on this album, and that level of enjoyment and playfulness is something a lot of bands could aspire to.

Overall, ‘Psycho’ isn’t something to be recommended, although if bands like Metro Station are on your bedroom wall then this could be something to consider. However, if you want something interesting, captivating and totally engrossing, just go and read a book instead.

Written by Greg Spencer