ALBUM: Texas In July – One Reality

Release Date: April 26th, 2011
Label: Equal Vision
Website: None available


You would be forgiven in not knowing who Texas In July are; however, you would not be forgiven for not checking them out following this storming sophomore album. Following the release of their ‘Salt Of The Earth’ EP back in 2008, the band has slowly been gaining popularity in the States; however they remain a virtual unknown over here in the UK, which is a shame really. If you are unfamiliar with the name of the band, their sound is one you will not be unfamiliar with. They apply the same formula as bands like Parkway Drive and August Burns Red; you get the idea. So the question is, what do Texas In July offer that is different from any of these bands?

The answer, unfortunately, is not a lot. This said, the band know how to pack one hell of a punch, as time and time again they unleash wave after wave of sheer brutality. After the tantalizing ‘Introduction’, there is no slowing the sheer force that ‘Magnolia’ brings as it rips into life. Power is not all the band pack though, songs such as ‘Pretender’ and ‘1000 Lies’ show off some keen guitar work. Whilst throughout the course of the album their formula is repetitive; when it hits as hard as ‘Our Freedom’ there should be no questions of originality.

When you step back and look at the album as a whole, you can truly appreciate what this band has done here. If you take into account that all of the band members are under 21 years of age, it is impressive that they can pack such skill and precision. This is the album of a band with a lot of talent and ambition. It is bursting with the energy of youth, but more importantly it is the sound of a band playing above their age.

There is no doubting that ‘One Reality’ is quite a brilliant album, especially once you have taken into consideration of the age of all involved. Whilst many of the things about the record are taken from other bands, this album does stand on its own for several reasons. The precise, technical riffs, as featured on ‘Cyclops’ show off brilliantly the band’s strong August Burns Red influence. Whenever this band decides to make their first journey across the pond, the UK should be excited as this band promises to be one of the hot prospects of the coming years.

Written by Oliver Thompson