ALBUM: Terror – Live By The Code

Release Date: April 9th, 2013
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


Hardcore is entering a new era now that deathcore is starting to fade away and there are a splattering of new bands starting to make a name for themselves in a genre that has been pioneered for over 30 years. But what of the old guard? Terror are starting to fall into that category now as they enter their 11th year as a band, and with fifth offering ‘Live By the Code’, they’re making sure that nobody pushes them to the back of the shelf.

‘Live By The Code’, the first album on a new Victory Records deal, is 11 songs of no nonsense, straight to the point, in your face attitude. This is what hardcore should be, with song titles like ‘I’m Only Stronger’ and ‘One Blood’ that are the perfect soundtrack for any workout session. A perfect taste of ‘Live By The Code’ is ‘Only The Good Die Young’, a by-the-books fist-pumping anthem that could almost be about the new breed learning their place.

There’s no genre transcending, there are no gimmicky breakdowns and that doesn’t matter one iota; Terror know how to get a listener riled up. This is Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson and Rocky Balboa rolled into audio form. Terror aren’t looking to others for direction, they’re teaching others how to get it done properly. Hatebreed set the bar pretty high this year with ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’, and it’s surely going to be the same fans that lap up ‘Live By The Code’.

It looks like ‘The Most High’, ‘Live By The Code’ and ‘Hard Lessons’ that are the chunks of ‘Live By The Code’ which will make their way into the live set, so get them pumping out of your speakers. Terror are everything they claim to be and with ‘Live By The Code’ they’ll be smashing it for years to come.

Written by MG Savage