ALBUM: Tear Out The Heart – Violence

Release Date: March 19th, 2013
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


Missouri metalcore outfit, Tear Out The Heart, have gained themselves a considerable fan base over their relatively short career so far. With currently over 12,000 likes on their Facebook page and over 48,000 followers on Twitter, they’re a band on the rise. This hype that currently surrounds the band now signed to the well renowned Victory Records makes the blandness of ‘Violence’ even more bizarre.

It’s hard to calculate exactly how many bands are out there doing this sort of thing; the overbearing growly vocals that were old when The Devil Wears Prada integrated them in their songs six years ago, the hint of auto-tune that plagues the clean vocals that were never interesting to begin with and the generally overproduced sound that this album offers up. All these aspects will alienate the majority of metal fans listening to this and just plunge the band deeper into the melting pot of mediocrity that inhabits this genre currently.

Apart from coming out of listening to this record and not being able to grasp a single interesting aspect of it, the songs all feel like they blend into one another. Leading single, ‘Infamous Last Words’, offers up the best you’re going to get from this release. It has enough throttle and bite to make it stand out. Well, not really, but it’s the sort of thing that will sell this band to people who enjoy this kind of tripe. It’s not so much a head banger of a record, but a smash-your-head-against-the-wall type of album. There just isn’t anything to ponder with this album, it’s like any substance the band may have had has been torn out from too much production in the studio.

Take the title track for instance. The production is a great from a sound point of view, the guitars chugs are clear as day, the drums sound expansive, but the song just plods along and the reaction is just a shrug of your shoulders. It’s not so much Tear Out The Heart as tear out your hair, as that’s what you’ll be doing once you’ve finished with this. It’s beggars belief why Victory Records signed these guys, but they may have spotted something that the average punter will miss, although I think not.

Written by Greg Spencer

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