ALBUM: Tear Out The Heart – Dead, Everywhere

Release Date: January 27th 2015
Label: Victory Records


Industrial tinged metalcore melds aggression with oh-so-catchy choruses to create a landmark album for Tear Out The Heart. The title-track for ‘Dead, Everywhere’, the band’s sophomore effort, kicks things off with a powerful spoken word segment that sets the tone for this bitter story of a record, fraught with emotion and resonance.

Electronic elements help pick up the pace and add depth to songs like ‘The Rejected’, with its chunky breakdowns, and the aggressively snarled ‘Feel Real’. Tear Out The Heart manage to take an overused post-production sound and make it a little harsher and grittier.

Frontman Tyler Konerman‘s likeable clean vocals are one of ‘Dead, Everywhere’‘s high points, displaying an impressive range and inherent catchiness. Many of the tracks have a sombre feel to them; the dark, haunting piano of ‘Incomplete’ and the hoarsely screamed dirge of ‘Viking Funeral’ offering no solace from the resentful air that surrounds the album.

The gut-wrenching emotion and brutal honesty are a couple of the album’s key drawing points, but make it sound overly angst-ridden at times. Fortunately, this is only momentary, before the soaring, infectious vocals of songs like ‘I’ve Got Secrets’ and ‘Curse You’ pick you back up again.

Whether it’s the commanding spoken word pieces, poppy choruses, or the vitriolic messages at hand, ‘Dead, Everywhere’ is a frank and outspoken record, with a dynamic sound and expressive and relatable lyrics. This is an impressive record from Tear Out The Heart, and adds them to the ever-growing list of metalcore bands who are stacked with potential.

Written by Ben Hammond

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