ALBUM: Taking Back Sunday – New Again

Release Date: June 1st, 2009
Label: Warner Bros


New York rockers Taking Back Sunday are one of those bands that can do no wrong. The five-piece always produce immaculate albums, renowned for amazing live shows, and have a fanbase to make many acts green with envy. So it really came as no surprise that Adam Lazzara and co. would be just as impressive on their fourth full-length, ‘New Again’.

This record is aptly named – not only do we see a fresh side to the quintet, but the sound that we’ve come to know and love from the New Yorkers is still present. Opening track ‘New Again’ hurls you into a heartfelt, enjoyable, and memorable album – the unbelievably catchy chorus is screaming for you to sing-a-long. In all honesty the majority of the tracks are perfectly crafted to be recreated at live shows, there’s no denying that fans will sing back every word to the likes of ‘Cut Me Up Jenny’ and ‘Capital M-E’.

As per usual the band stick to the pattern of making upbeat and relatively poppy music, and just lay on the irony with witty and sad lyrics. Track ‘Swing’ is written to a lover in which Lazzara cries “How long before I’m just a memory? / How long before you can’t remember me?”. Taking Back Sunday‘s records are usually of the personal nature and are a hit with fans and newcomers alike due to ease of personal connection. The group know how to lure people in – good looks, charm and talent – they have it all.

There is no denying that the band have outdone themselves yet again, the album was a long time coming and there were doubts as to whether it would live up to 2006’s ‘Louder Now’. ‘New Again’ is everything you could ever want from the five- piece; bouncy beats, catchy basslines, memorable drums and feel-good vocals. Highlight tracks are ‘Where My Mouth Is’ which proves to be one of the lighter tracks on the album, and is very similar to ‘My Blue Heaven’ from their previous effort. Other stand-out is final track ‘Everything Must Go’, the song begins slow and acoustic but as the chorus kicks in it all comes together at once, Lazzara‘s vocals sound extremely powerful along with the guitars and drums.

‘New Again’ was definitely worth the wait, and demonstrates that Taking Back Sunday are much like wine – only getting better with time. The quintet have clearly evolved into a firm contender of one of the strongest and most admirable bands in the indie rock scene.

Written by Kate Rees