ALBUM: Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me

Release Date: July 11th, 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Following the tragic passing of iconic frontman Mitch Lucker, the staggering potential of deathcore pioneers Suicide Silence looked to suffer a catastrophic blow as they faced the unimaginable task of replacing the irreplaceable. Indeed, after nearly a year of inactivity, the assumption that the Cali quintet would bow out seemed an almost tangible reality, which sees the already phenomenal impact of ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ an all the more inspirational experience, the record dragging the band back from the brink and emphatically stamping their credentials as an eminent force once again with what feels like a legitimate rebirth.

Opening with the bone snapping statement of intent that is ‘Inherit The Crown’, it’s immediately apparent that Suicide Silence are returning on career best form. Understandably under close scrutiny, vocalist extraordinaire Eddie Hermida delivers an impeccable debut performance, his skin flaying highs and guttural grotesquery slotting seamlessly into the band’s sledgehammer instrumentation. One listen to utterly scathing lead single ‘Cease To Exist’, all dizzying thrash tempos and thunderous bounce, should be more than enough to zip the lid of even the most ardent skeptics.

Matching Eddie blow for blow, however, the pulsating riff work of ‘Monster Within’, ‘Warriors’ rib rattling venom and the melodic touches of closing track, ‘Ouroboros’, all hint at a Suicide Silence both fine tuning and expanding on former glories. Album highlight, ‘Control’, revels in a deathly abrasion and surgical precision, perhaps resulting in the band’s most savage work to date (aided in no small part by a sewer gargling appearance from Cannibal Corpse‘s own George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher), whereas ‘Sacred Words’ expels not only a chorus hook of mammoth proportions, but an air of melodious majesty previously unheard.

‘You Can’t Stop Me’ represents a genuinely stunning recovery for Suicide Silence. Not only returning from what would have been a fatal wound for the majority of metal’s emerging elite, this record manages to encapsulate previous successes whilst contemplating new horizons. Monstrously heavy and fist in the air triumphal, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ may just be the metallic jewel in the crown of 2014.

Written by Tony Bliss

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