ALBUM: Suicide Silence – The Black Crown

Release Date: July 18th, 2011
Label: Century Media Records


Suicide Silence have always been a band at the forefront of the deathcore scene, fad, call it what you will, and with ‘The Black Crown’ they offer up more of the same stuff that’s made them so popular amongst the teenager-just-discovering-heavier-bands demographic. Like Whitechapel, with their recent ‘A New Era Of Corruption’ album, a bit of groove has started to appear interspersed with the chug-chug-chugging and relentless breakdowns.

Opener (and arguably best song) ‘Slaves To Substance’ is your token scream-along song for all the kids in the crowd to chant, with Mitch Lucker‘s screams of “SLAAAYYVEEE!” high in the mix and really creating a rather aggressive atmosphere that continues on through the first couple of tracks. The middle of the album is generally the area where Suicide Silence have began to try and change up their sound a bit; ‘You Only Live Once’ and ‘Fuck Everything’ are almost laughable in lyrical content, but both will surely become staples in setlists where mid-set filler is needed. As the album progresses, it tends to drag on a little bit; ‘March To The Black Crown’ and ‘Cross-Eyed Catastrophe’ are both pretty standard tracks, but really nothing interesting.

A bit of a WTF moment comes during ‘Witness The Addiction’, when a familiar voice pops up, none other than Jonathan Davis of KoRn. One of the guitarists was recently quoted in an interview as saying that the two best guitarists of all time in his opinion were Hendrix and Munky (from KoRn). Please, insert LOL face as appropriate. Either way, it’s clear that Suicide Silence were raised heavily on the rising nu-metal scene of the late 90s, and this track has that influence on display more obvious than ever.

Generally, this album isn’t gonna sway any haters, and it probably won’t lose many fans either. Expect Suicide Silence to continue tearing up the pits for a couple more years (because let’s face it, Mitch Lucker ain’t gonna get a job as an accountant looking like he does, is he?).

Written by Martin Savage