ALBUM: Suicide Silence – No Time To Bleed

Release Date: June 29th, 2009
Label: Century Media


Fastly becoming a big name in the deathcore scene, Suicide Silence‘s sophomore album ‘No Time To Bleed’ aims to be a projectile for the 5-piece mob from appreciated to adored in the alternative music world. With a debut like ‘The Cleansing’, it’s going to be pretty hard for the boys to top themselves.

However, exceeding expectations and raising the bar a few notches, Suicide Silence have fucking done it! Dragging us into the depths of things with ‘Wake Up’, we see a band who’ve not only progressed themselves as musicians, but have even gotten heavier and angrier over such a short time. Demonic vocalist Mitch Lucker‘s constant yells of “Wake up! Wake up!” are one of the main culprits on the record for making your hairs stand up straight from your skin. ‘Lifted’ just keeps this onslaught on a constant roll, and Chris Garza‘s solo fill and the impressive battering of drums in ‘Smoke’ ensures that quality has improved all ’round with the band.

Though like almost every deathcore record repetition is a con, in this effort Suicide Silence manage to keep things subconsciously fresh to the ears. The breakdowns are always as heavy as a fat bed-bound man, the vocals are varied whilst terrifyingly impressive, and the drum and bass pounds at your ears whilst the guitars wrap you in intensity; with ‘Genocide’ and ‘Your Creations’ being just two prime examples of this horrific beauty. The constant repeated insertion of “As long as I can remember / You’ve always been this miserable!” in ‘Something Invisible’ incites for a sing/scream-a-long fest like no other. The fact that this record is more personal lyrically for Mitch Lucker – mainly towards his mother – is enough to cause a few more shudders down your spine when you dissect this monster.

From track one right until the last second of this record, Suicide Silence don’t let up from grinding your face against the floor of their brutality and musical menace. As cliché as it may sound, they don’t even leave you any time to bleed.

Written by Zach Redrup