ALBUM: Stuck Mojo – The Great Revival

Release Date: December 1st, 2008
Label: Napalm Records


Metal crossovers have been around for years. Infact, crossovers in any genres have been going almost aslong as original primary genres have been, and can work just as much as they end up with terrible results. Sadly, Stuck Mojo‘s ‘The Great Revival’ is just another one of those crossover releases that isn’t far from “awful” territory.

Most metal bands, though there’s many exceptions that don’t apply, tend to write about ferocious things, or at least deliver it across in a brutal front. Songs like ‘Friends’ sounds like something that didn’t quite make it into a Disney film, or something that you wouldn’t be too surprised to find on an episode of Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon. It’s a struggle to work out why it’s even classed anywhere near metal aside from the distorted guitars and, at times, pounding drum work.

Even in songs like ‘The Flood’ where darker elements and harsher vocal work is present, or in ‘Now That You’re All Gone’ and ‘The Fear’, the rap vocal work sounds not too far from what you could get from Will Smith. It just seems in places that more effort could be put into the album’s material that at times sounds like a half-arsed attempt.

‘The Great Revival’ could’ve ended up being something great and inspirational, but instead it fails to bring along that wrecking ball-esque power behind its sound that is so desperately needed in any form of metal album today.

Written by Zach Redrup