ALBUM: Structures – Life Through A Window

Release Date: May 13th, 2014
Label: Sumerian Records
Website: None available


Staked somewhere between the technical anthemia of recent Architects and the elephantine stomp representing djent’s bread and butter, Canadian trio Structures make a good fist of marking themselves out as somewhat noteworthy in the cookie cutter, contemporary metal market. Bone snappingly vicious and chock full of deliciously unsettling atmospherics, ‘Life Through A Window’ delivers a both compelling and bloodthirsty thirty minutes.

The harmonic dissonance of ‘The Worst Of Both Worlds’ and the devastating angsty chug of ‘Broken Telephone’ are perhaps as violent as it gets here, all dexterous wig outs and depth charge breakdowns, although opening salvo ‘Buried’ undeniably sets the benchmark in terms of intensity, introducing the record’s mechanical frostiness with skull flattening effect. As we continue, however, it becomes clear that, as is often the case, it is when Structures begin to shade their assault with new dynamic colours where proceedings truly engage.

Indeed, it’s the scream along hooks and electrifying guitar melodies of closer ‘Earth Gazing’, ‘Requiem’‘s melancholic desperation and the teetering on the edge of collapse clamour from ‘Follower’ where ‘Life Through A Window’ displays why Structures should be considered as more than just surplus rookies. This is a record which bludgeons as ruthlessly as anyone in the game, thrusting forth both a sonic and emotionally textured statement which displays them as genuine future contenders. Ones to watch.

Written by Tony Bliss