ALBUM: Stray From The Path – Anonymous

Release Date: September 16th, 2013
Label: Sumerian Records
Website: None available


Though only really coming to the forefront of the ranks in the horde of hardcore acts today, it’s still hard to think that ‘Anonymous’ is now the seventh offering from New York’s Stray From The Path. In many ways, they’re sticking to the same formula found on 2011’s ‘Rising Sun’, but is many other ways ‘Anonymous’ holds an identity in its own right, delivering us an 10-track long barrage of scathing hardcore.

The opening one-two of ‘False Flag’ and ‘Badge & A Bullet’ cements the band’s ongoing anti-establishment and conflicts towards authority respectively, with the latter of the two sounding very much like a modern and much more rough around the edges Rage Against The Machine. Drew Yorks delivery of shrieks and anger in an almost hip-hop style at times adds a somewhat refreshing sense to the often one-dimensional genre.

The already unveiled ‘Landmines’ still stands as one of the album’s more prominent additions, but the bounce and hook ladden ‘Scissor Hands’ (featuring Jason Aalon Butler) of letlive.) is definitely one of the strongest tracks to be found here. This may be one of the few moments throughout ‘Anonymous’ where York focuses on more personal topics, but his vocal pairing with Butler is a trade-off that works well.

As a whole, ‘Anonymous’ is a hardcore album that delivers angst and a trail of messages that tell of much more than heartache and of the one that got away. ‘Anonymous’ is a record that will feed both the ears, the heart and the mind, and may well hold the crown of 2013’s most exciting and potent hardcore record.

Written by Zach Redrup