ALBUM: Still Bust – A Few Things We Might Agree On (A Few Things We Might Not)

Release Date: May 20th, 2013
Label: Lockjaw Records
Website: None available


After ten years of being active and not releasing a single full-length record, hardcore outfit Still Bust have finally supplied the scene with a debut record. With the lengthily titled ‘A Few Things We Might Agree On (A Few Things We Might Not)’, Gloucester’s Still Bust let listeners take a listen to exactly what they’ve been hiding all of these years. Something tight and abrasive, apparently.

Clocking in at ten tracks, all of which are lengthy and titled in a peculiar manner, Still Bust launch into a well established and passionate, typical hardcore sound. Championing thunderous, physically executed drums, consistently progressive and occasionally tightly palm-muted guitar sections, ‘A Few Things We Might Agree On…’ captures a band that are clearly in their element. And why wouldn’t they be? They’ve only been playing this music for over a decade.

Although the music has aspects that can be found on other punk and hardcore records, ‘A Few Things We Might Agree On…’ feels as though it has been long awaited and as though the music has been eager to be heard for some time. The execution of these long awaited tracks is nothing short of laudable, the production value emphasises the tightness and quality of the band’s material and sound.

Still Bust manage to effectively display their passionate musicianship with this record. Each track, from the opener ‘If You Don’t Like Video Games (You Probably Have Other Interests)’ to album closer ‘Be Optimistic (Said The Mayfly)’, it oozes with anguish filled vocals that only encapsulates the musical passion on display. From here, it becomes increasingly difficult to be ambivalent about this record, solely because of its familiar punk aspects. Such a particular criticism would be criminal to make when Still Bust successfully manage to offer such an abrasive, satisfying sound. Although the criticism is valid, it’s far too minor to amount to a substantial disregard of a vast amount of qualities.

Still Bust may adopt a lot of aspects that have been filled on numerous punk and hardcore records over the years that the band have failed to implement a single full-length piece of material. But, with tracks that inherit an ageing sound that suggest eagerness, satisfying passionate musicianship and implementation of a well established, tight sound, Still Bust have successfully churned out a solid piece of work. Denying this band the compliment of an enjoyable piece of material would only amount to substantial, pedantic, nit-picking in the end.

Written by Calv Robinson

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