ALBUM: Steven Battelle – Exit Brain Left

Release Date: December 2nd 2016
Label: Suffer For My Art


Since Derby based trio LostAlone split back in October 2014, frontman Steven Battelle has found himself at a bit of a loose end, with no touring or shows with the band. Yet, sat away at home, keeping his craft of songwriting consistently active, he’s resurfaced again with his debut solo album, ‘Exit Brain Left’.

First things first; if you’re a LostAlone fan, this album is going to feel very different and experimental, if you will, to what you’re used to hearing. ‘Exit Brain Left’ definitely takes a rollercoaster ride through genres, and has similarities to quite a number of bands like Queen and Muse, to name but a few.

The album kicks off with ‘Powers Of Denial’. It’s got a very late 90s feel to it, which comes from the synths, the effects on the vocals, and the drums. Things start picking up when we reach the track ‘Steven Battelle’, whch feels very summery and upbeat.

With certain songs, like ‘Last Night On Earth’ and ‘Silent Movie Scream’, the aforementioned comparisons to massive genre peers Muse, certainly in the guitar parts, become more and more strikling apparent. This album does have its softer side too, with tracks such as ‘Absent Magic, Pt. 2’, but again, it has a very Muse-y (‘The Resistance’ era, to be more precise) feel to it.

The album finishes off with ‘I’m Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be’. It’s not just a pretty title, but definitely one of the stronger songs on the whole record, and an absolute quality piece of music to finish on.

If you’re about to get into this album expecting full old school LostAlone, then stop. It’s a very different record. Instead, Battelle has tested, and experimented with his musical spectrum, and, for the most part, it works.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CallumGriffinn)