ALBUM: Starset – Vessels

Release Date: January 20th 2017
Label: Razor & Tie


Columbus, Ohio cinematic rock quartet Starset made up of Dustin Bates (vocals), Ron DeChant (bass, keyboard, backing vocals), Brock Richards (guitar and backing vocals), and Adam Gilbert (drums) have come back big, and released their eagerly anticipated second album, ‘Vessels’, which boasts 15 tracks and a 70 minute running time.

After researching this band for a bit, they look like they’re from a far fetched sci-fi movie, but after much more research, this seems to be the look they’re going for.

‘Vessels’ starts off with what sounds like it should be from a movie trailer, with atmospheric synths, before launching straight into ‘Satellite’. This track is reminiscent to bands such as early Attack Attack!, or even 30 Seconds To Mars at points, with its processed vocals and huge synth hooks.

The next song on the album, ‘Frequency’, is very much the same, but with a much more EDM feel as well as more metalcore approach. With tracks such as ‘Into The Unknown’ has a very Northlane-esque vibe, with very heavy guitars being complimented by the drums and, again, that ever present electronic layer.

The downfall with tracks such as ‘Back To Earth’ and ‘Last To Fall’ is that they have their own half a minute long outros, that are completely different to the remainder of track. It’s like the intro to the album; very atmospheric and film trailer-y.

By the time we reach track 13, we finally get to lead single ‘Monster’, which was definitely the right decision for the record’s lead single, as it shows how dynamic the band can be with their genre-bending.

All in all, Vessels’ is good for someone who’s looking for something a bit different from the norm; a bit left field if you will. Some tracks sound absolutely huge, and some other tracks sound like they’ll be in the next multi-million pound blockbuster and could easily give Hans Zimmer a run for his money.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)