ALBUM: Sonic Boom Six – Cardiac Address

Release Date: June 19th 2017
Label: PledgeMusic


If you’re a fan of ska punk and have been to see any of the like of Reel Big Fish, Random Hand, or Less Than Jake over the last couple of decades, chances are that you’ll have come across Sonic Boom Six in one form or another. Now a five-piece, these guys have been a staple of the underground scene for many a year now, during which they’ve accumulated a dedicated fan base, all of whom will have no doubt given something towards their latest PledgeMusic campaign.

‘Cardiac Address’ is not only a totally self-recorded/mixed/released album, it’s also a cash builder to help Sonic Boom Six complete their lengthy leg of the Vans Warped Tour across the US, where every penny of profit is going into the gig-pot. Now going into this record, you need to know that it is a D.I.Y, self-released album, so don’t expect any bells and whistles or polished post-production that was present on their 2012 self-titled record, or even last year’s ‘The F-Bomb’.

Although this certainly aides the vibe that the band were going for, if you’re not used to the aesthetics of stripped back, bare bones punk then ‘Cardiac Address’ makes for quite a jarring experience. For some, well, basically punk fans, this is a perfect record, a collection of no holds barred, anarchy anthems delivering brutal insights about the unappealing state of UK’s current climate. While a record like this is very much needed today, it perhaps doesn’t go far enough and lacks the venom found on the likes of ‘Grey Britain’ by Watford unit Gallows.

You could argue that given Sonic Boom Six are a punk band with ska undertones; they don’t really need to indulge in the disillusion angle of punk, but they are an innovative band, constantly exploring new genres and incorporating them into their eclectic sound. ‘Cardiac Address’ is very much within their wheelhouse, and nothing new has really been explored here.

Nevertheless, this is a decent collection of catchy tracks that actually have a goddamn message behind them, and that’s something we don’t get enough of nowadays when it’s what’s needed the most. This is not Sonic Boom Six‘s best album, and it’d be hard to think that even they would dispute that, but ‘Cardiac Address’ is still worth a listen for fans of both the band and the genre.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)