ALBUM: Sleeping With Sirens – Feel

Release Date: June 4th, 2013
Label: Rise Records


With Sleeping With Sirens benefiting from perhaps one of the steepest meteoric rises in recent memory, it would seem that the stage this year is rather irreversibly set for the Floridian quintet to go stratospheric. With a legion of hysterical fans primed to lose their shit, ‘Feel’ may be far from a perfect record, yet with its infectious bluster firmly in order only a fool would bet against them on the evidence of this third full-length.

For all of its flaws, there’s an undeniable energy and a glut of hook laden tracks here which, although will surely see any hard nosed purist blench, make for a record which is saturated in fun. From the opening title-track and its sunny chorus, the hip swinging oomph of ‘Congratulations’ and the smash ‘n’ grab bulldozing stomp that is ‘The Best There Ever Was’, the band deliver a consistent ebb and flow between luminous melody and reckless bounce, clinically ticking all the en vogue boxes yet distracting us with too much dancability to notice.

Indeed, ramping up the rather a-la mode nature of ‘Feel’ are a number of collaborations which certainly throw up some tasty thrills. The appearance of rapper MGK and his ominous flow on ‘Alone’ gels surprisingly well, Shayley Bourget lends his towering pipes to the colossal ‘I’ll Take You There’ (although the combination of two rather shrill vocal styles has the potential to grate on many), and Memphis May Fire‘s own Matty Mullins turns in a stormingly bombastic performance on the aforementioned ‘Congratulations’.

It’s thoroughly rousing stuff, and for all the finger pointing that could justifiably come from ‘Feel’ (some horribly trite lyricisms being the main offender), it would take the most despondent of skeptics to fail to take any sense of merriment from the record. For already hardened devotees, Sleeping With Sirens have delivered in spades all that has previously seen them gather such momentum, seeing 2013 now theirs for the taking.

Written by Tony Bliss