ALBUM: Sleep On It – Overexposed

Release Date: November 3rd 2017
Label: Equal Vision Records


Billed as Chicago’s hottest pop-punk band, Sleep On It are back with a vengeance with their second album, ‘Overexposed’. Having toured with the likes of Hit The Lights, Transit, and Conditions, as well as performing on the Vans Warped Tour and Riot Fest, the band certainly aren’t sleeping on it in the scene.

Last year, the band unveiled a new line-up with Zech Pluister as frontman, and this is the record that really allows him to show his full vocal capabilities. The band has a penchant for layering melodic vocals over more punky side vocals to give them a sound that sets them apart from similar bands. Songs like ‘Window’ really show off the raw side of the band, and throws back to their punk roots.

If you love a good sing along chorus, then Sleep On It deliver just that with the massive pop-punk anthem, ‘Firework’, which features a guest appearance from Derek DiScanio (State Champs), and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The album also toys with a heavier sound on tracks like ‘Distant’ and ‘Hope’, which both show that they’re not just your average pop- punk band.

Whilst a couple of tracks from ‘Overexposed’ can be slightly repetitive, the album does have a scale that swings from punk to softer pop-style ballads like ‘Photobooth’, and the acoustic ‘A Brighter Shade Of Blue’ – a song that lets Pluister demonstrate his abilities.

Written by Nikki Bruce (@nikki29000)