ALBUM: Slaves – Take Control

Release Date: September 30th 2016
Label: Virgin EMI


Kent duo Slaves are back with their critically acclaimed new album ‘Take Control’, and it’s everything that we wanted it to be following ‘Are You Satisfied?’ a mere 15 months ago. ‘Take Control’ was produced by none other than Mike D a former Beastie Boy, who also makes a cheeky little appearance on the album too.

On this record, you get tracks like ‘Fuck The Hi-Hat’; a 45-second long song that sees vocalist Issac Holman just screaming. At a recent show, Holman said that he wrote the song because people kept coming up to him and asked where his hi-hat was in his setup. You’ve also got cuts like ‘Hypnotised’, where you can feel influences like Sex Pistols (obviously, sorry) and generally late 70s/early 80s punk rock.

Producer and former Beastie Boy member Mike D‘s presence is very much felt in ‘Consumed Or Be Consumed’. It takes a step back from the punchy guitars and the fast paced drums, and brings to the forefront far more of a hip-hop vibe, which can also be said about ‘Angelica’.

The punky, harsh, angry style takes a back seat when getting to 11th track, ‘People That You Meet’. It feels more of a playground rhyme than a song. This theme seems to carry on through tracks such as ‘STD’s PHD’s’ and ‘Steer Clear’, making way for the brashness of ‘Same Again’ which is definitely the right track to close the album off.

If you’re a fan of Slaves, this album is for you. If you’re new to Slaves, this album is for you. Slaves have been branded as one of the best live bands of 2016, and with albums like ‘Take Control’ being put out, you can definitely see why.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)