ALBUM: Slaughter To Prevail – Misery Sermon

Release Date: May 5th 2017
Label: Sumerian Records
Twitter: None available


‘Misery Sermon’ is the full-length debut album by Russian deathcore up-and-comers Slaughter To Prevail, hot off the tail of their debut EP ‘Chapters Of Misery’, which was initially released in 2015 and subsequently re-released in 2016.

The album still carries the same massive sounding and almost demonic vocals bellowed from what could possibly be the depths of hell by their vocalist Alex Shikolai (or, Alex Terrible). His thunderous vocal delivery combined with the crushing instrumentals provided by guitarist Jack Simmons (ex-Acrania) and drummer Anton Poddyachy is enough to keep the listener’s ears assaulted and bombarded every second throughout this album, which is what to be expected of Slaughter To Prevail.

One thing that stands out is that during a quite large percentage of this album is a mix of Alex and Anton‘s native Russian tongue mixed with lyrics in English. This is one of the interesting aspects of this album, as the English and quick transitions to Russian helps keep the listener engaged.

As the band are self described as “Russian hatred”, this couldn’t ring more true throughout the lyrical content with the song ‘King’. “We are the ones who called themselves the humanity / We are the ones who hate everyone else” roars Alex, which, if anyone doubted their disdain for humanity, then this will silence the naysayers.

As punishing as ‘Misery Sermon’ is, there is what seems to be a bit more of a technical influence, with some sections that could easily appear on a Born Of Osiris record. A bonus after having your ears decimated by the brutality. Yet, in saying that, there’s an overuse and over dependence on the use of breakdowns, despite the variation in them. They get a tad fatiguing at times.

Regardless, ‘Misery Sermon’ is evidence that in 2017, deathcore still very much has a beating heart with bands like Slaughter To Prevail releasing top quality material. Evidently far from dead, the genre will still be around for years to come.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)