ALBUM: Skies In Motion – Life Lessons

Release Date: September 1st 2017
Label: Unsigned


Since the likes of Asking Alexandria and co. have made it to the big time, there seems to have been an influx in the number of smaller and new emerging metal bands coming from all parts of the UK. This is no different with Derby up-and-comers Skies In Motion, who after years of touring finally have a debut full-length to offer.

‘Life Lessons’ is an album which starts off with a very short but sweet intro ‘Architect’, giving a brief taste of what is to come; decent harsh vocals and a slight atmospheric instrumental twinned with lyrics describing someone needing help/being given the strength by someone or something.

Vocally and instrumentally, Skies In Motion are fine – nothing more and nothing less – with standard metalcore instrumentals throughout with moments of stand out leads or melodies. Adam Connor‘s vocals are those that are found in numerous other bands of this sort and, again, they’re just fine. Andy Shaw‘s cleans are very listenable and thankfully not at all whiny vocals; sadly something that has become an ever more present crutch in the genre over recent years.

Lyrically, though there are times where the band could try to write outside of the box or try to avoid topics that are done to death, like feeling alone as on the song ‘Finding Myself Lost’, they use lyrics of “feels like no one can save me”. It’s nothing offensive, but in the current generation of metalcore, these are played out and are just stale. This is a band that could pull off writing something in the wider picture, like bands such as Architects.

Despite the overdone and typical lyrical content for a band of this type, overall ‘Life Lessons’ is an enjoyable and worthwhile debut, introducing Skies In Motion into the masses proper. A fun listen throughout, the Midlanders will just need to work on setting themselves outside of the pack going forward.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)