ALBUM: Skarlett Riot – Tear Me Down

Release Date: March 25th, 2013
Label: Unsigned


Female fronted bands are all the rage right now, from big American stars like Paramore and We Are The In Crowd to up-and-coming British artists Lecarla, The Dirty Youth and Skarlett Riot. The latter hail from Scunthorpe and after supporting Heaven’s Basement and Voodoo Six, as well as appearances at Download and Bloodstock, have created whispers about them being an exciting new prospect. ‘Tear Me Down’ marks Skarlett Riot‘s first full-length record which shines throughout with energetic songs packing a punch.

A Foo Fighters-esque riff introduces us to the album before Skarlett‘s vocals kick in on ‘Faded Memory’, a song of heartbreak with a coating of aggression which is perfectly reflected by the music. The melodic verses reel you in just in time for the powerful chorus to hit you completely out of the park. Sing about what you know applies to ‘Rock N Roll Queen’, as Skarlett‘s impressive pipes continue to dominate before a killer breakdown shows the band can rock hard.

‘Villain’ makes the jump from 2012’s EP of the same name to big single from ‘Tear Me Down’ and even receiving some TV airplay. Pounding drums and roaring guitars drive the track from a slow and steady start to a big crescendo chorus. Also returning from the EP, ‘Party Hard’ lives up to its name by showcasing heavy beats, a sing-a-long chorus, back-up chant vocals and an ear-destroying solo; everything you want in a perfect rock party anthem.

Even catchier than the norovirus, Skarlett Riot steamroll through ten tracks of pure rock ‘n’ roll designed to explode out of speakers at full volume. 2013 could (and should) prove to be a big year for the Lincolnshire band with exciting tours and a slot at Hard Rock Hell, so expect the UK to start backing rock chick Skarlett and her riot very soon.

Written by Mike Heath