ALBUM: Silent Screams – Hope For Now

Release Date: July 21st, 2014
Label: Artery Recordings


Having racked up some seriously impressive credentials during their short time together, Silent Screams have completed extensive tours of Australia, Europe and the UK, supporting the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Your Demise. ‘Hope For Now’ is the band’s second full-length LP, and offers just as much crushing riffs and guttural screams as their previous offer.

The Coventry quintet kick off proceedings with ‘Hollow Heart’ which doesn’t hold back and throws the listener into a distorted storm of pummelling riffs and screams that could easily tear your face off in an instant. There’s a balance of the lighter sounds and the heavier with added clean vocals courtesy of bassist Tom Craig that gives the tracks a more accessible vantage point, along with an additional melody that improves the track and changes the flow of the LP up.

Tracks like ‘Everything Overcome’ and ‘A New Normal’, whilst heavy and scream focused, are lifted by Craig‘s fairly powerful voice that cuts through the thick wall of drums and guitars. The latter track does have a larger section dedicated to the clean vocals, which does enhance the track up to a more accessible point.

When Silent Screams get heavy, they come down like Thor’s hammer. The breakdowns in tracks like ‘Eighty Six’ and ‘Death Kiss’ are nothing short of brutal and prove for an intense listen. The slabs of riffs are tightly wound around the drums which are relentless in their effort in driving each song at racing speeds.

‘Hope For Now’ offers some superb chunks of melodic hardcore that, when at its peak, proves to be an enjoyable listen. However, it may be difficult to identify them from any other outfit of the melodic hardcore scene that’s rapidly emerging from Britain.

Written by Ewan Macdonald