ALBUM: Seversyn – Five Dollar Shake

Release Date: January 28th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Twitter: None available


Melodic rock band Seversyn, from the Isle of Man, are very new to the scene. However, debut effort ‘Five Dollar Shake’ does not by any means portray that point. Right from opener ‘They Say You’re Out To Get Me’, it’s clear to see that this isn’t just another rubbish debut release from a band who are too eager to do things right.

This album is nicely produced, and quite frankly, this one is full of very catchy, almost Lower Than Atlantis-esque but with a bit of I Divide thrown in there too. ‘Not Tonight’ and ‘Hit Me Like You Mean It’ are two very different stand-out tracks from this album, with the latter being a rather aggressive yet funky offering.

Seversyn push into pop-punk territories at points throughout this album, but there appears to be some classic rock riffs, some almost rap-like vocals, and very much just a complete variety of genre on these eight tracks.

Seversyn sound like a band who can only go one way, and that way will most likely take the shape of a nice big tour, like these boys and girls deserve. If and when this album is heard, it will hopefully make waves around the UK.

With their catchy melodies, and raw ability and technique, Seversyn are one to keep your eyes and ears peeled for.

Written by Gary Cassidy