ALBUM: Sevendust – Black Out The Sun

Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Label: Asylum


‘Black Out The Sun’ is a seriously melodic record. It’s one of many facets, but here Sevendust really thrive on the cleaner cut aspects of the album. They’re a band that has evolved over time anyway, and this record gives an insight into their growth as a band. Heck, it may not be a classic or their best release ever, but it’s certainly up there in terms of genuine quality.

With the first full track after the melancholic introduction being ‘Faithless’, we hear how vocally incredible frontman Lajon Witherspoon really is. The smoothness and aggression combination that he dreams up from his vocals are emphatic and seem effortless. The music paints a real picture, a landscape of impending doom and that the sun really is diminishing, and we hear this with the constricting guitar riffs and brutal drums that plough through the track.

The album’s title-track offers up another showcase of Witherspoon‘s excellent vocal ability. He’s still got serious quality and without him the band would most probably just be another alt-metal outfit. That track is one of the catchiest on the album too, but it doesn’t just rely on this to carry it forward. The guitar work throughout is atmospheric and the solo actually sounds like it was moulded through real Armageddon.

The places where the album falls down are the more stagnant tracks. There aren’t a huge amount of them, but songs like ‘Nobody Wants It’ aren’t on the same level as the majority on this record. However, even those tracks still offer something and aren’t completely irrelevant. It’s actually just a great solid metal record, possibly a surprise that this band can still produce brutally good tracks on their ninth album. They have to be commended on making a record that will stand the test of time and doesn’t feel too outdated, even if the themes of it are a little grandioso.

Written by Greg Spencer