ALBUM: Seaway – Vacation

Release Date: September 15th 2017
Label: Pure Noise Records


Seaway have been creating somewhat of a rumble in the music scene lately, appearing on the latest Punk Goes Pop album with their cover of The Chainsmokers‘ summer hit, ‘Closer’. Now, the pop-punk quintet have the opportunity to build on the momentum they’ve created through their first two albums and various tour appearances with third full-length album, ‘Vacation’, a release that’s packed to the very teeth with outrageously catchy choruses that any pop-punk fan will have rattling around inside their head for days.

Launching the release is ‘Apartment’, which immediately bursts into the high-energy, upbeat rhythm that sets the tone for the record perfectly. The gang vocals and catchy hooks in the chorus are utilised perfectly for a traditional pop-punk feel to the record. Particular stand out performances are ‘London’ and ‘Something Wonderful’, the latter of which from start-to-finish is so care-free and upbeat that it’s impossible not to bop along to.

What’s particularly enjoyable about ‘Vacation’ is when vocalists Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton lean into the punk influences of their outfit, and push their vocals to be a little gruffer. Tracks such as ‘Lula On The Beach’ and particularly ‘Scatter My Ashes Along The Coast, Or Don’t’ really benefit from this edgier approach, and keep Seaway from feeling too radio-friendly.

The band do decide to deviate slightly in the form of ‘Misery In You’, which keeps up the pace but in a much darker atmosphere. It’s a very poetic but harrowing portrayal of mental illness that’s handled very well by the band. How relatable this harrowing subject is that’s tackled in this song is it’s greatest strength, and makes for a top performance by the quintet.

Any fan of the pop-punk genre will fall in love with ‘Vacation’. Here, Seaway have created a record so relentlessly positive and cheerful that you can’t help but be in a good mood when you listen to it.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)