ALBUM: Scale The Summit – The Migration

Release Date: June 11th, 2013
Label: Prosthetic Records


The name of a band is very important in describing what sort of music lies within. If you’ve got a band called Corpse Muncher, you’re more than likely gonna be hearing some gnarly death metal. If you call yourself Penises & Armpits, chances are you’re not going to be wanting to listen to it with your university professor. Take Scale The Summit then, immediately it’s obvious that this music is gonna be of an uplifting nature, something that’s going to make you want to accomplish something. ‘The Migration’ is album #4 for the Houston, TX chaps, and it’s exactly what you were expecting from them.

Scale The Summit don’t have a vocalist. They have mentioned numerous times that even if the right singer came along, they would still like their music to be instrumental, and this adds a new quantity to their music. It’s very easy to shut your eyes and just listen to ‘The Migration’ whilst your troubles go and fuck themselves. You can get lost within minutes and you’re transported seamlessly to a dreamy landscape like something out of a nature programme. There’s something natural about their sound, which is rather ironic when you consider the technicality and modern practices on display by guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier, who both play 7 string guitars. New bassist Mark Michell is even greedier, he has 6 strings on his bass, whilst Pat Skeffington on drums has more fills than a coke whore’s set of teeth.

There are no dips on ‘The Migration’. Every song takes you on a journey through green forests whilst birds flap their wings and zoom past in the corners of your vision. You’re wandering across a deserted paradise and you don’t care where you’re headed. You are ‘The Traveler’, the album’s closing song that will surely please older fans of the band. It’s very hard to read into a band with no lyrics, and it’s even harder when you learn that Scale The Summit name their songs after recording them. They clearly want their music to do the talking rather than trying to make bold statements.

‘The Migration’ really can soundtrack any situation to make it, for want of a better word, epic. You know that scene from Rocky IV, when Sylvester Stallone clambers up the side of a mountain to reach the top and scream the name of his foe? That’s what ‘The Migration’ will make you want to do. You want to jump as high as the gods and then punch Jesus right in the dick. Closer to home, listen to tracks like ‘Atlas Novus’ and ‘The Olive Tree’ whilst watching a sunrise/sunset and you’ll find it impossible to not have that feeling.

Do you like Cynic or Dream Theater? Listen to Scale The Summit. Do you like good quality music that can fit in in a sweaty club as much as a concert hall? Listen to Scale The Summit. Are you a heartless bastard? Don’t listen to Scale The Summit.

Written by MG Savage

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