ALBUM: Saosin – Along The Shadow

Release Date: May 20th 2016
Label: Epitaph Records


With their career progress somewhat hampered ever since the departure of original frontman Anthony Green in 2004, his return to the fold after well over a decade has sparked a kernel of interest in second-tier melodic post-hardcore crew Saosin, a band who could easily have called it a day even before the release of their first full-length. Indeed, although those of us who can cast their minds fondly back to the band’s floppy fringed, mid-00s heyday may get a pleasant twinge of nostalgia here, their middling emo-coloured fare is still less than riveting.

Somewhat lumpen and predictable, ‘Along The Shadow’ ultimately suffers from uninspired song writing. The likes of opening track ‘The Silver String’ and lead single ‘Racing Towards A Red Light’ are pitched between simpering pop sensibilities (thanks in no small part to the helium-assisted voice of Green), and toddler tantrum aggression, frustratingly failing to make any impression other than to remind us of how fresh the record might have sounded all those years back.

The band have their moments although, with an soaring ‘Ideology Is Theft’ an undeniable high-point, yet with a fatal lack of diversity or a killer chorus hook in sight, the light-weight plod which characterizes much of ‘Along The Shadow’ simply does not do enough to compete with a alternative music scene which has long since left the likes of Saosin in its wake. Largely forgettable and without a shred of replay value, this third effort seems like a missed opportunity to capitalize on the band’s recaptured spotlight, and in 2016, ‘Along The Shadow’ falls a long way short of cutting it.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)