ALBUM: Saint[the]Sinner – The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder

Release Date: September 2nd, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


When you first see the name of this band and the album title, you may as I did proclaim “Oh Jesus” and want to bury your head deep in the sand. Not only do both sound slightly stupid and pretentious, but they also give quite a naff impression of a band before you’ve even heard the music. And if like me that was the reaction, then it’s always great to be proved completely and utterly wrong and made to feel a fool, because ‘The Curious Tale Of Mistress Murder’ is a seriously enjoyable treat of a record.

‘The Lament’, which is the first full-length track after the intro begins and you think Panic! At The Disco, and then the heavy vocals kick in and we’re in familiar territory, but there’s something captivating about how this band deliver what may actually be a bunch of fairly formulaic songs; chug-chug, growl, scream, etc. The next track, ‘Greyfields’, is where we first hear the electronic prowess of the group. Yeah, it’s a little camp, but it stays completely engrossing throughout. So many bands do this sort of thing half heartedly and end up sounding bland, unoriginal and totally homogenized, but this stuff is OTT and all the better for it.

Let’s be frank, this stuff isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. It may divide and polarize, but this genre of music needs a bit of that, unless we want a bizarre situation where every single band in hardcore/metalcore/post-hardcore or whatever you want to call this sounds exactly the same. There’s a real raw energy and pace to this record, and ‘[x]Roads’ is a prime example, it just glides along and shows that the band would probably be a riot to see at a live show.

It isn’t all amazingly wonderful and some of the vocals do sound somewhat corny and auto-tuned, but heck, you have to take the rough with the smooth. If you want a band who are attempting to move the goalposts and actually do something a little different, then Saint[the]Sinner are [well] worth a listen.

Written by Greg Spencer

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