ALBUM: Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Release Date: August 25th, 2014
Label: Warner Bros. Records


Arctic Monkeys. Muse. The Strokes. All huge bands that have made a name for themselves in the rock world. There haven’t been many new additions to this crop for a while, until now. Royal Blood are the next biggest band on the planet. Who are they? Where did they come from? All that we know is that they’re here to conquer the world.

Royal Blood have exploded onto the scene like a sub out of chastity. Ben Thatcher (drums) and Mike Kerr (vocals & bass) may be diminutive in nature but they pack a punch, like The Hulk and The Thing together. On paper, their simple formula looks like it should have been done before, but instead it constantly sounds exciting and pioneering. Maybe the lack of guitar helps cut to the chase, focusing more on rhythm than melody. Kerr‘s bass playing more than makes up for the lack of accompaniment, and he also uses his voice to create singalong sections that are merely comprised of “doo doo”s and “woah”s.

The album is absolutely bursting at the seams with superb material. At no point does it drag, and it sounds like every song is there for a reason without any filler whatsoever. The UK is in the strange position that it’s already heard Royal Blood material previously thanks to a US-only EP release. Disappointingly, all three out of the four songs make it onto the album meaning there are really only seven new tunes here.

However, those who fell in love with ‘Out Of The Black’ and ‘Come On Over’ have plenty more to sink their teeth into. ‘Better Strangers’ is a belter of a song that will easily find its way into your regular rotation. The riff heavy ‘Blood Hands’ is another one to add to the list. Who, though, can discount the previously released ‘Little Monster’?. Scientists have proven that it’s physically impossible to not enjoy the riffage on show in this tune, and everyone else has agreed that it’s the best modern rock song to be released since ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes.

Royal Blood‘s UK tour sold out in 120 seconds. For a band that were merely a thought in two blokes’ heads one year ago, this is quite frankly ridiculous. On the surface, it may seem like Royal Blood are just some hipster trend that everyone pretends to enjoy, but once you put those headphones on and crank the volume up to 11 on ‘Royal Blood’, it’s obvious that these guys are no flash in the pan. British music still fucking has it.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)

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