ALBUM REVIEW: Young Culture – Young Culture

Release Date: October 16th 2020
Label: Rude Records


Pop-punk trio and Albany natives Young Culture have been on the scene for half a decade, and now, four EPs and some tumultuous and depressing times later, they’ve made it to the release of their self-titled debut album.

This record has been touted as a bit of a new beginning for the youngsters. After the dark explorations of previous release ‘(This Is) Heaven’, it was time for a breath of fresh air, and some decidedly less bleak musical content. It was time for Young Culture to make their mark on the world, and present their full, unadulterated selves for public consumption.

Did Young Culture achieve their goals? Well, in some ways, yes. Their self-titled debut doesn’t fill us with a deep sense of foreboding, and it’s also inarguably a good snapshot of the band in their current state and mentality. They’ve got their sound down; anyone nostalgic for 00s pop-punk, but without the disingenuous or sarcastic lyricism, can easily get on board with this vibe.

Awkward TikTok dance inspired MV aside, ‘I’ll Be There’ has a fun, airy indie melody. ‘Holiday In Vegas’ is probably the best kind of soundtrack for such an event, with a bit more pop-punk richness in the chorus, although the comparison of a “holiday in Vegas” is probably not the most flattering for a girl that you’re crushing on.

But if this is the image they want to surge forth with for the foreseeable future, they might do well to reconsider some points. One thing that might benefit from being switched up is that never-ending pining for lasses who don’t reciprocate clashing awkwardly with heartfelt romantic gestures for current beaus. Because, let’s be real, if a guy you were dating wrote a love song about how he “wanna [sic] to marry you, just not today”, but preceded it on his band’s record with at least three songs about exes who slipped through his grasp, it’s not the best feeling in the world.