ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf – Feeding The Machine

Release Date: March 13th 2020
Label: Century Media Records
Twitter: None available


A number of member changes could’ve ground the gears to a halt on Wolf‘s creative spirit, yet they’ve persevered to bound on in with their eighth full-length effort, ‘Feeding The Machine’.

Beginning with ominous sirens, there’s no telling where you might end up in the plethora of metal genres. Instead, we’re greeted by frenetic classic riffs and upbeat tempos that make for a gratifying introduction to Wolf‘s style. Following in similar candour, ‘Guillotine’ ups the ante encased in the darker concept of war, with macabre lyrics from Niklas Stålvind who mixes a creative array of terror, cheese, and menace with fantastic conviction.

Sounding the death knell, the record’s titular track introduces dramatic bell tolls with haunting riffs from Simon Johansson who quickly ramps up the intensity with a splash of almost black metal riffs that are a common theme of dexterity that the whole band displays in varying degrees throughout.

Turning to rampant punk rock, ‘Devil In The Flesh’ features riotous rhythms from Johan Koleberg, who manages speed and ferocity in a precise manner that holds together what could be a chaotic core, especially when there are modern metal guitar pinches involved that add an extra weapon to the band’s arsenal.

Closing out proceedings, ‘A Thief Inside’ dials everything back to a simple guitar riff and monologue that could render it to a quiet swan song. Instead, it blends all of the previous ingredients into a progressive ball of steadily escalating riffs that make for a dramatic ending.

‘Feeding The Machine’ is a consistent and entertaining experience that could do with further expansion, but is truly solid for a band that’s still around despite more than two decades into their career.