ALBUM REVIEW: Within Destruction – Deathwish

Release Date: March 30th 2018
Label: Unique Leader Records
Website: None available


Originating from Slovenia, Within Destruction took the metal community by surprise with the critically acclaimed ‘From The Depths’ back in 2012. Known for their technical prowess while still generating an abundance of extreme metal, they’re back with their third full-length, ‘Deathwish’.

Commencing with a distorted message of invasion, the introduction aptly reflects the artwork and the ensuing chaotic destruction that is to follow on this record. Fluctuating between animalistic screams and bile curdling roars, Rok Rupnik‘s vocals represent the perfect antithesis of what it is to be an extreme vocalist.

Dealing out further macabre dissonance, ‘Extinction’ both rattles and roils us through an onslaught of kick peddles and thrashing guitars while spelling the end of human existence. Dredging the edges of doom and black metal, ‘Torture Ritual’ and ‘Human Defect’ rile the pain to maximum in a discorded atmosphere of thrashing guitars and guttural utterances that are reflected in the malicious lyrics.

Rather than focusing on a particular lead instrument or focal point, the instrumentation is bounded together in a riotous mixture of grinding thrash guitars and bass sections with interchanging speed patterns to resonate the massacre occurring through the album.

Adding some extra dimensions into the mix, ‘Self Hatred’ introduces some background synths with choir sections of vocals, and a brief keyboard solo which provides a lighter section to the drilling message of demise.

Wrapping up the opening message of invasion, the album culminates in a computerised assessment of the disorder caused and it’s ultimate remedy, ‘HMR45’.

Containing and encapsulating the madness in an understandable format is extremely difficult. Within Destruction verge the line between outright chaotic destruction, and with it project some rather vivid imagery of annihilation.