ALBUM REVIEW: White Stones – Kuarahy

Release Date: March 13th 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: None available


Martin Méndez – best known as the bassist of progressive death metal band, Opeth – recently welcomed his new project White Stones into the world.

Their debut full-length album, ‘Kuarahy’, plays to Méndez‘s strengths, revisiting the heaviness that is reminiscent of his early days.

The album opens with its title track, a snappy almost one and a half minute long instrumental that bridges the gap between where Méndez has been and where he is to take White Stones. The melodic instrumentation eases us in with a familiar sound before transitioning into the pummelling ‘Rusty Shell’.

Whilst ‘Kuarahy’ is certainly a metal album through and through, it’s not simply a primal sequence of growls and guttural guitars, and moments of progressive rock naturally bleed through the brutality to offer a welcome breather. ‘Drowned In Time’ opens with fluid instrumentation that creates the sensation of being suspended in water, before mercilessly dragging us into the rapids of the first verse. Meanwhile, ‘Infected Soul’ certainly stands out as one of the jazzier tracks on the album, with groovy guitar riffs snaking throughout.

The foreboding ‘Jasy’ closes things off; a second short instrumental track that showcases a surprisingly softer side to White Stones, cooling us down after the mounting momentum of the preceding tracks.

‘Kuarahy’ performs well as an album formed during the fleeting moments between tours. It would be interesting to see how White Stones‘ sound might progress under more focused circumstances.