ALBUM REVIEW: While She Sleeps – Sleeps Society

Release Date: April 16th 2021
Label: Sleeps Brothers


Running the business of being a band on their own terms, While She Sleeps have taken that ethos to the next level over the past few months with a Patreon-led community, and with it they deliver their fifth album, ‘Sleeps Society’.

Named after their fan driven service, the quintet’s new record continues to expand on sweeping scope of 2019’s ‘So What?’. Whilst ‘Sleeps Society’ does aim higher and boasts a more streamlined structure, the group ensure that they don’t stray too far from the path that they have forged for themselves over the years.

Kicking things off in ambitious fashion, ‘Enlightenment(?)’ plays with a taught introduction before delivering stadium-ready metalcore at a breakneck speed. Leaning on winding melodies, sweeping vocal hooks, and a slew of riffs for good measure, While She Sleeps waste little time in setting the scene for their new record.

Not forgetting their ability to craft hardcore driven slabs of metalcore, both ‘You Are All I Need’ and ‘Systematic’ both revel in chugging guitars, pummelling drums, and an impressive vocal performance from the quintet. Tying the various elements together, the group flit between growls, catchy gang vocals, and anthemic choruses to strengthen the one-two punch of these tracks.

Whilst the likes of the driving ‘Know Your Worth’ and the pop-punk swagger of ‘No Defeat For The Brave’ help build on the momentum of ‘Sleeps Society’, the record shines brightest when the band stretch their musical horizons. Whether it’s the nu-metal bounce that underpins the title-track, or the near balladry of powerhouse ‘Nervous’ and ‘Division Street’, the quintet take the experimentation that they flexed on their previous albums and push them to new limits.

Closing with the personal ‘Call Of The Void’ and ‘DN3 3HT’, While She Sleeps don’t shy away from their fanbase as the sound of 200 fans slips into the groove laden and shimmering ‘Call Of The Void’ segues into the earnest narrative of ‘DN3 3HT’.

It’s a fitting conclusion to a record that, admittedly, could not have been created without the unfathomable and relentless support of the fanbase – nay, community that they have nurtured. Broad in scope yet refusing to fall victim to quality control, ‘Sleeps Society’ is not only a benchmark offering from While She Sleeps, but also one that puts them closer to the forefront of British metalcore.