ALBUM REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze

Release Date: September 27th 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Wednesday 13 (aka Joseph Michael Poole) began his career in 1992, but success came many years later through a collaboration with Joey Jordison (Sinsaenum/ex-Slipknot) to form Murderdolls.

This was where Poole first brought in the Wednesday 13 moniker and now, with several solo albums under this guise under his belt, he’s onto his eighth full-length record, ‘Necrophaze’.

Entering with a descriptive narrative, the titular and opening track centres around haunting and decaying scenery before launching into echoing drums and straight up metal riffs. This is backed by retrospective synths and a vocal repetition of the title in a demonic manner that overall gives the impression of wanting to not be taken to seriously.

Referencing a real life serial killer, ‘Zodiac’‘Life Will Kill Us All’ begins with classic rock riffs and guitar chords that create an ironic sentiment between the negative connotations of the lyrics and the positive vibes from the instrumentation. Followed by ‘Bury The Hatchet’, it introduces a jovial punk attitude in a short rapid bounce of chords and energetic beats that would be at home on any punk rock album.

Closing out proceedings after the end credits, ‘(Animal) Fuck Like A Beast’ is a confrontational hard rock anthem of distorted guitar tones and passionate vocals, which repeat the chorus several times searching for some kind of extra impact or extra meaning.

While Wednesday 13 has an identifiable and consistent theme to portray here, it’s constrained and limited by only brief excursions into nearby territory. However, ‘Necrophaze’ doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the use of film quotes throughout is a nice touch, even if it does feel like it should only be opened on Halloween.