ALBUM REVIEW: We Were Sharks – New Low

Release Date: May 21st 2021
Label: Revival Records


Eight years of hard work paid off for Canadian pop-punkers We Were Sharks when they signed a deal with Revival Records in 2019. After two years, they’ve finally welcomed their first album with the label, their third studio LP, ‘New Low’.

Vocalist Randy Frobel opens the album with the emotive line “Don’t want to talk about it anymore / I’m sick of banging on a locked door” on ‘Shameless’. The power behind his vocal delivery, backed by a rapid-fire succession of palm-muted guitar chords, immediately sucks you into the experience. When the full band hits, there’s no escaping this infectious brand of pop-punk.

‘Bring Me Down’, ‘Burning House’, and the title-track all give us the same hard-hitting, yet unbelievably catchy vibe, while ‘Over This’ has a more dance-y feel, taking a break from the pop-punk chaos to deliver something softer and more easily digestible, similar to what Neck Deep did with ‘In Bloom’ from ‘The Peace And The Panic’. It’s a strange change of pace on first listen, but the more you come back to it, the more it feels like it belongs.

Halfway through the album, we get a continuation of the story of ‘Ashley’ from 2018’s ‘Lost Touch’. ‘Ashley (Pt. 2)’ delivers a similar short, fast-paced, and emotional blast to its predecessor, although the chaos is toned down a notch.

‘Ready To Go’ closes the album off in spectacular style, featuring a surprise heavy breakdown, and cutting out on the last lyric, “We’ll leave when we’re goddamn ready to go.”

‘New Low’ is really the antithesis of its own title. We Were Sharks have easily put out the best album of their career so far, and as the halfway point of 2021, it should easily be a contender for any pop-punk fan’s album of the year.

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