ALBUM REVIEW: We Are Scientists – Megaplex

Release Date: April 27th 2018
Label: Grönland Records


After half a dozen albums, rock duo We Are Scientists have been back in the lab to put together ‘Megaplex’. Long gone are the days of their once signature guitar riffs and drums; it’s now all about the electronic sound. ‘Megaplex’ continues to push boundaries, and sees Keith Murray and Chris Cain build upon their ever-evolving sound.

Opening with ‘One In, One Out’, the album starts off with a catchy vibe before the vocals kick in. The song has a hugely singable chorus and starts things off on a high. ‘Notes In A Bottle’ and ‘Heart Is A Weapon’ continue the strong pop feel, completing deviating from any expectations that were surrounding the album.

Full on 80s style ‘Heart Is A Weapon’ is complete with a popping bass and slick electric guitar, making it a feel-good track. Similarly, tracks such as ‘Not Another Word’ returns to the 80s synthpop style with a catchy chorus.

‘Your Light Has Changed’ is an extremely powerful song, with a high sense of fury and anger. By contrast, ‘Kit’ is much more of a ballad, and features a wonderful vocal melody from Murray and appears as a nice break throughout the middle of the album.

Following on from here is ‘No Wait At Five Leaves’, which picks the tempo back up before leading us into closer ‘Properties Of Perception’, which has a slightly lighter tone, and has a clever and simple way of finishing the album.

‘Megaplex’ is full of twists and surprises, and yet still manages to remain somewhat similar. With impressive vocals and melodies, the album includes some of We Are Scientists‘ finest tracks to date and proves that after six records, they’re still just as talented as they were with their debut.