ALBUM REVIEW: Waterparks – Entertainment

Release Date: January 26th 2018
Label: Easy Life Records/Equal Vision Records


Houston pop-rockers Waterparks crawled out of the woodwork at the tail end of 2016 after building a fanbase from their ‘Cluster’ EP earlier in the year, and then releasing their debut album, ‘Double Dare’. The record captured the sunnier side of pop-punk, and laced it with bouncy electronic elements, resulting in a record that’s relentlessly catchy.

Now we move onto the trio’s sophomore album, ‘Entertainment’, and this time around they’re still just as catchy as ever. It’s often fairly easy to compare artists to their label mates, but there’s certainly a pop sensibility in this record that bares resemblance to Set It Off‘s latest release, ‘Upside Down’, and it’s a territory that both bands step into seamlessly.

Frontman Awsten Knight‘s voice works perfectly for the sound that Waterparks have derived for themselves. From the acoustic guitar led ‘Lucky People’ to the 8-bit bridge of ‘Not Warriors’, just about every second of ‘Entertainment’ is bound to get stuck in your head.

Choruses are lifted up brilliantly with smooth melodies that sit comfortably at the higher end of Knight‘s register, ‘Rare’ and lead single ‘Blonde’ demonstrate this flawlessly, with the latter of the two possibly acting as the most infectious Waterparks song to date.

There’s plenty of proof throughout ‘Entertainment’ that Waterparks could easily stick to their current sound, or experiment with something new in the future; penultimate track ‘Crybaby’ displays an exciting potential direction filled with dreamy electronic melodies.

Ultimately, ‘Entertainment’ is a consistently strong pop-rock release. A bit more variety in places would’ve been a nice touch, but nevertheless it doesn’t stop it being an incredibly fun listen that’s bound to be a great soundtrack to the summers ahead.