ALBUM REVIEW: Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Release Date: January 5th 2018
Label: Century Media Records


A pillar of the Swedish black metal scene, Watain have been releasing their brand of unrelenting Satanic metal since 1998. Hailing from Uppsala, a sleepy student town just outside of Stockholm, the band has been on a mission to bring black metal back to its deepest, darkest roots.

‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ is the second release from the band through their new current label home at Century Media Records, following on from 2013’s ‘The Wild Hunt’. This new album is one of the most savage albums yet from the formidable trio, and encapsulates the tumultuous times that we currently live in.

With a growing sense of unrest and confusion seeping into society’s narrative, Watain use ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ as an opportunity to tell us that we’re well and truly on the road to Hell. Tracks like ‘Ultra (Pandemoniac)’ make you feel as though you’re furiously galloping into the abyss with added maniacal laughing to send you on your way.

With only nine tracks the entire album is a short yet sharp assault on the senses, with Håkan Jonsson commanding the attack on the drums. Ceaseless, pummelling percussion paired with Erik Danielsson‘s most brutal vocals to date results in 34 minutes of total nihilistic panic. Interspersed at times with hauntingly melodic riffs, the record manages to switch paces between the full-throttle thrasher sound Watain fans are used, to and an element of second-wave black metal (un)holiness.

Die-hard fans of Watain may be disappointed as the album doesn’t quite live up to the standards set by earlier records ‘Lawless Darkness’ or ‘Sworn To The Dark’, but it’s more on the level of their original sound than ‘The Wild Hunt’. Perhaps most importantly, the band doesn’t give a fuck what you think either, with Danielsson revealing that they wanted it to sound like it’s an “underground terrorist organisation that’s done it”. So, sit back, and prepare to be subverted.