ALBUM REVIEW: Warrel Dane – Shadow Work

Release Date: October 26th 2018
Label: Century Media Records
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In December 2017, metal vocal legend Warren Dane passed away during the recording of his second solo full-length in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although clearly unfinished, the collection of tracks that he managed to complete have been released posthumously.

The frontman of both Sanctuary and Nevermore, Dane‘s unique voice set him apart from his metal peers, and listening to his final recordings on ‘Shadow Work’ will be bittersweet for fans the world over.

A reliance on references to all things evil and demonic, noodley lead guitars, blast beats, and powerful baritone vocals mean ‘Shadow Work’ ticks every box in the heavy metal handbook and, although executed with prowess, this means it comes out a little generic at times. However, there are some moments that deviate enough from the cliches to make it more than just your average metal album.

The title-track grabs your attention with its galloping beat, before descending into demonic incantations while the intricate guitar work on ‘Disconnection System’ would make for a challenging level on Guitar Hero.

The stand out tracks, ‘As Fast As The Others’ and ‘Rain’, are the most contrasting cuts on the album. The former of the two features a catchy chorus and haunting chants, while the latter utilises onomatopoeic guitar sounds to transport you into Dane‘s dark and stormy world.

The assembled band who took on the task of completing this album following Dane‘s passing are clearly all extremely proficient musicians, but it’s without a doubt his vocal range that’s the star of the show. Ranging from demonic whispers to almost religious chanting, this swan song will mean Dane will forever live on through his music.