ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists – Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack

Release Date: June 18th 2021
Label: Loma Vista Recordings


Having previously curated and produced soundtracks for movies such as 300, John Wick, and Guardians Of The Galaxy, Tyler Bates is back with another talent stacked line-up, this time for Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s DC Comics ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’, and it’s pretty damn great.

Every song on the soundtrack was specifically chosen, and mostly also created, solely for one character in the series, and the different moods that each track exudes truly perfectly incapsulate their personality. No matter if it’s Chelsea Wolfe transforming Wonder Woman‘s strength, as well as her clear presence as a comfort character, into the melancholic ‘Diana’, or Starcrawler channeling Perpetua‘s god-like power into a female empowerment anthem with ‘Goodtime Girl’.

HEALTH and Bates had previously worked together on the Atomic Blonde soundtrack, and pairing them up with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno for Anti-Monitor‘s blockbuster sized villain theme, ‘Anti-Life’, was a perfect choice. There’s other, more unexpected, appearances on the compilation too, such as Denzel Curry throwing bars over heavy riffs on ‘Bad Luck’, which at first feels a little anti-climactic, but ends up going into the same punk-y realms as Ho99o9.

Another unexpected hit, and the only non-original work on the record, is the Grey Daze cover of Dramarama‘s ‘Anything, Anything’. Somehow, though, it all just works.

For a lot of the artists on the line-up, these songs are their first new original work in years, but, without a doubt, none of them fail to deliver. ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.’ is Rise Against‘s contribution and it’s everything that a long-time fan of the band could ask for, sonically and lyrically. The usual drive of standing up for yourself and uniting the people is present in every piece of this song. The same rings true for Mastodon‘s ‘Forged By Neron’, though the band do take a more playful approach to their guitars in it. Even fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan get a treat as two members, Greg Puciato and Gil Sharone, team up for the ferocious whirlwind that is ‘Now You’ve Really Done It’.

Comic fan or not, even without all the background knowledge of each character, the combination of all these different artists, genres and moods can, and will, be enjoyable for absolutely anyone.

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