ALBUM REVIEW: Valleyheart – Everyone I’ve Ever Loved

Release Date: December 14th 2018
Label: Rise Records


With ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Loved’, Valleyheart have delivered an album that is by definition ‘musically good’, yet fails to offer up anything new, and after hearing four or five songs, it becomes quite apparent that everything on offer here kind of just blurs into one, becoming a quite predictable and repetitive listen. What we have here sounds less like an album and more like a collection of the same song reworked ten times.

There’s no denying that this record features song strong, emotive vocals, great production, and solid songwriting, but that’s not enough when the only moderate change in pace is halfway through the album during one bridge in one song.

Offering up some hope is ‘Drowned In Living Waters’, which rears its head just over halfway into the album. It shows promise in the form of an exciting intro, but this quickly falls back on the familiar and fails to capitalise on the opportunity to deliver something new.

This album would work great as an EP if Valleyheart were more selective with the songs included, as evident with the penultimate track, ‘Communion’. It contains undoubtedly the best vocal performance on the entire album, with flawless falsetto passages, earth shattering shouts that unveil a passion that’s only been hinted at in the most half-hearted way prior to this. It’s just a shame that it takes nine tracks to get here and that it’s followed by the disappointingly dull ending of ‘Parasidum’.

An album of ten tracks or more should be expected to offer something new, interesting, and engaging with every cut. However, ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Loved’ sadly relies too much on the comfortable and reliable to fill the gaps between legitimately good songs, which becomes very tiring after a few tracks, with only a few songs worth a repeat listen.