ALBUM REVIEW: Turnstile – Time & Space

Release Date: February 23rd 2018
Label: Roadrunner Records


With one of the best live shows out there, Maryland’s Turnstile have crafted what could be the best hardcore album of 2018, ‘Time & Space’. Taking their own experimental twist to the genre, this band put together a near perfect mixture of bouncy riffs, raging drums, and intense vocals.

Following up from 2015’s ‘Nonstop Feeling’, the band’s sophomore manages to take a step up in quality, and boldly shapes the way that the future could be for hardcore. With their songs bringing influence from the New York hardcore scene, you can hear the thrash influence in the drums especially, as well as a tinge of Rage Against The Machine in parts.

Kicking off things off is standout cut ‘Real Thing’; a swaying, bouncy track that shares an angry yet uplifting riff with pent up aggression from vocalist Brendan Yates. The same can be said for the likes of ‘Generator’‘I Don’t Wanna Be Blind’, and ‘(Lost Another) Piece Of My Mind’ to name a few.

Whilst Turnstile follow some similar formulas, each song still feels very much separate from one another. Just little things like swapping from heavy guitar only sections to having bass only sections helps them avoid getting stale, nevermind the fact that they’re a straight up riff machine.

Bassist Franz Lyon takes control on ‘Moon’. With a trippy and spacey intro and driving guitar line, Lyon takes on vocal duties this time around. Changing up from the shouty approach from thus far and having a clean and soulful approach really injects a different feel from what you’ve experienced up until now.

Turnstile is a band who really understand the rules and boundaries of hardcore, and that is why they’re allowed to break and re-write them.